Professional oral hygiene treatment

Professional oral hygiene treatmentThe removal of plaque and tartar is extremely important to maintain the health of our mouth, because the gums – due to the bacteria on the tartar – will get inflamed, they may swell, and also they can bleed.

The plaque and tartar is removed with an ultrasonic device. In case of sensitive teeth, it is done with anesthesia.

Small deposits are removed with a so-called air flow device, this blows fine dust particles with a high pressure onto the teeth. This is faster and more convenient, than using an ultrasound machine that cleans the entire surface of the tooth.

In the end, the teeth will be polished to make the surfaces smooth and shiny.

In order to maintain a long-term effect, one should avoid all coloring food and drinks, or smoking, at least for two hours after the treatment.

All in all, your teeth will not only be clean and healthy, they will get even shiny.