Mouth examination

For the reason, that the necessary treatment can be planned even better, it is important toexamine both the condition of the teeth and of the dental bed. In addition, the entire oralcavity is examined and an oral cancer screening is performed. This is done in practice withviewing and palpation, therefore it is completely painless.




In case of the necessity of more information we take X-rays. In our dentist’s office we make the most modern digital X-rays, which are included in the price of the consultation.



Kezelési terv

Treatment plan

After establishing the diagnosis, we discuss the options with our patients. We make several treatment plans, which can be taken home in a printed form by our patients, in order to be able to think it through and decide, which solution is the most suitable for them.


Professional oral hygiene treatment

Professzionális szájhigiéniás kezelés - Hermesz DentalThe treatment includes ultrasonic plaque removal, sandblasting and polishing of the teeth,resulting not only a brighter, but also a healthier smile!



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Cosmetic Dentistry


Tooth whitening

The hydrogen peroxide gel attached to the teeth removes the deposits in the enamel on asecure way. With this application, the teeth will be brighter by 2-3 shades.


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Fogékszer felhelyezése: Még csillogóbb lesz a mosolya!

Attachment of dental jewelry

With the attachment of a small gemstone your smile can be even more sparkling! The accessory is absolutely safe and durable, however it can be removed at any time!


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Conservative dentistry

Konzerváló fogászatFillings

We make fillings, replace old fillings, broken tooth edges are replaced with high-qualitycomposite materials.



Root canal treatment

Gyökérkezelés eszközei

In case of deep caries or trauma, the dental pulp can get onto the surface of the tooth and / ordies off. In this case, a root canal treatment is necessary, which is performed in our clinicunder local anesthesia, with modern mechanical root canal treatment and under strict control.

In our clinic, it is of course also possible to exchange old root fillings.

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Crowns and bridges

We can make a crown to build the teeth or to protect it, or even for aesthetic reasons, also wecan replace missing teeth. Whatever the reason, with the latest materials and procedures youcan hardly tell if it’s your own teeth or not, so you can always smile without inhibitions!

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Prosthetic Devices

ProtézisIn some cases, missing teeth can only be replaced with removable teeth. In our clinic, we willfind even in this case the most convenient solution for you, so you can eat again withoutrestrictions.


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Implantátum - Hermesz Dental

The implant is a sterile, biocompatible – 99.99% pure titanium screw, implanted with localanesthesia in the maxilla or mandible.

The implant – thanks to its special material and theprocess of producing the surface – maximally integrates into the bone, providing a very stablebase for the dentures attached to it.


Useful tips after implant implantation

Implantáció utáni hasznops tanácsok - tilos a dohányzás!Useful tips after implant implantation





Treatment of sickle diseases

A swollen, sensitive or bleeding gingivitis is a sign that the gums are inflamed, caused bybacteria that attach to the plaque and tartar. If the inflammation also spreads to the jaw bones where the teeth sit, the teeth may loosen or you may even lose them. Therefore, it is importantto stop the process as soon as possible, with the removal of plaque and tartar, both above andbelow the gum.


Oral surgery

Extraction of a wisdom tooth

Hermesz Dental Fogászat: Bölcsességfog eltávolításaThe last molars, so the wisdom teeth, are often arranged irregularly, they are not completelyoutgrown, they have no chewing function, they make it even difficult to brush the teeth nextto them, as there is not enough space for the other teeth. For these reasons, it is oftennecessary to extract them. The extraction of wisdom teeth is performed in our clinic byexperienced oral surgeons, therefore it is free of pain and complications.



Hermesz Dental Fogászat rendelő - Gyökércsúscs rezekció

The so-called “amputation” of the root tip is carried out when a tooth, which had previouslyhad a root canal treatment, re-ignited, or if for some reason, a new root canal treatment is notpossible anymore. So with other words, this is the surgical removal of the root tip and thesurrounding inflammation.



Fogászati altatásAnesthesia