Tooth whitening

If you want to whiten your teeth, you can basically choose from two treatment types:

The whitening of your teeth at home, or in our practice. In both cases, a gel containing hydrogen-peroxide is applied to the teeth. When the whitening of the teeth is done in our practice, we also use a special blue light that makes the whitening procedure even more efficient. From the gel, which contains the active ingredient “hydrogen-peroxide”, free radicals are formed in the tooth tissue, while the tooth structure remains unchanged. The free radicals will bind to the dye molecules in the tooth, and change their color.

If the whitening of your teeth is carried out in the clinic, the whole process is carried out by a dentist and under controlled circumstances. First, a substance is applied to the gums, which hardens in light to protect the gums from the gel. Then the gel will be applied to the teeth. The improved efficacy of the 25% tooth whitening hydrogen peroxide – that activates on light – speaks for itself. After the appropriate time, the gel will be rinsed off. The patient can also follow the time counter himself, as it is placed on the lamp. If necessary, this procedure can be repeated 2-3 times until the desired shade is achieved.

For the whitening of teeth in your home, we take an impression of your teeth, then in the dental laboratory a rail will be placed onto it, this ensures that the impression filled with the gel will sit perfectly on your teeth. So just put the tooth whitening gel into this form, and put it in the evening on your teeth. This way your teeth become brighter while you sleep. The desired effect is usually achieved within 7-10 nights.

Regardless of which method you choose, a good oral hygiene is very important, which also has an effect on the durability of the tooth lightening. You should also avoid strong coloring foods / drinks.